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Chinese Calligraphy

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Tiffany Chang
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Chinese Calligraphy

Every year around Lunar New Year, I bring my Chinese calligraphy materials to school so students can get a chance to write a couple characters. The characters range from spring to beauty to prosperity. Since I teach in a district that is predominantly Chinese, it is something that students are familiar with, but most students do not practice writing Chinese characters through the art of calligraphy. I would start by asking the students to take out their pencils and I would model how to hold the brush. This is a basic website to show the materials and how to write Chinese calligraphy. If unable to write with those materials, thicker brushes can still work with black watercolor paint as it is the idea to hold the brush differently and write characters that some students aren't used to writing. It's a great way to show how different cultures incorporate language and writing. 

Attached is also a picture of the calligraphy materials. 

Richard Rosales
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Chinese Caligraphy

I love the idea of allowing my 4th grade students to study this writing art.  Thank you for the heads up on a great art lesson.  It is also a great starter for teaching about written language forms across all cultures. Love it!

Gurpreet Gill
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Calligrapy Lesson

Wow this is a wonderful idea! This is a great way to introduce a different form of writing and art to students that they may have not seen before. I teach in a school that is in a primarily hispanic community and I love introducing them to new cultures and traditions. This is a great way to do so. Thank you for sharing!