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UCLA Summer Institutes for High School Students

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Jennifer Jung-Kim
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UCLA Summer Institutes for High School Students

Hi, Everyone,

I hope you have been well, and you are getting vaccinated soon. 

Some of you may know me from previous workshops. Among the various classes that I teach at UCLA, I teach week-long summer classes for high school students (and new grads). 

This year, classes will be all on Zoom and are offered 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, 9-4 each day during the weeks of July 12 and July 19. Each week is a different course and each week offers 2 UCLA units that can be transferred to their college later.

CA high school students are eligible for support if they meet eligibility requirements and apply by the April 1deadline:

Please share this info with students who may be interested. I welcome questions by email at

Thank you!