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Teachers - Education about Asia calls for your essays!

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Teachers - Education about Asia calls for your essays!

Winter 2018 EAA Special Section “What Do We Need to Know About Asia?”

Request for NCTA Alumni “Best Practices” Teaching Resources Essay Manuscripts (a pdf version of this announcement is attached). 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the National Consortium for Teaching Asia (NCTA). This milestone will be recognized through an expanded issue of the Winter 2018 issue of Education about Asia, the teaching journal of the Association for Asian Studies, which will have the theme, “What do we need to know about Asia?”

The work of NCTA is directly related to the theme of “what we need to know about Asia.” And a core component of NCTA professional development courses is classroom innovation and implementation, with NCTA teacher-participants developing lesson plans as part of their completion projects. To both commemorate NCTA’s anniversary and, as important, to provide middle, high school, and perhaps some beginning university instructors with rich but practical teaching ideas, Education about Asia invites NCTA alumni to submit “Best Practices” Teaching Resources essays for consideration for publication in the Winter 2018 EAA issue.

We project that EAA will publish 4-5 such essays in the print version and an equal number of essays in the Winter 2018 online supplement that is simultaneously released with the publication of the Winter print issue. However, if our office receives more high quality essays than can be published in the Winter 2018 print and online supplement issue, 2019 publication of all highly evaluated manuscripts is guaranteed.


Prospective authors of teaching resources essays should limit their essay title and essay content to one or more of those cultures, polities, and nations covered in NCTA Seminars: China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Viet Nam, Taiwan, and Singapore.

As an alternative, prospective authors are welcome to submit a teaching essay on strategies and resources for comparing themes, issues, or historical periods/developments across world areas—for example, Teaching Han China and the Roman Empire.

Few if any endnotes are needed but each essay should include two or more key resource entries of recommended books, articles, and digital and print curriculum materials including but not limited to: books, websites, video, podcasts, MOOCS, interactive mapping exercises, primary source excerpt essays, simulations, lecture abstracts or outlines, and role playing activities.

Authors should limit their manuscripts to approximately 1,600-1,800 words (about 2-3 double spaced manuscript pages).

Please include in your by-line the year and location of your NCTA seminar or, if an online seminar, indicate the year and sponsoring NCTA site.

Author submissions addressing a variety of academic subjects are encouraged but the highest quality essays will be accepted for publication regardless of subject area. Essays
may also include summations of teacher-created activities.
Review and Selection
In order for manuscripts to be considered for publication in the Winter issue, manuscripts should be submitted to the EAA editorial office ( ) on or before September 5th 2018.
All manuscripts will be reviewed by the EAA editor and by one external referee. Interested authors are highly encouraged to consult the EAA guidelines at (web site) and
to visit the online archives portion of the website and read 1-2 examples of Teaching Resource Essays. Aspiring authors are encouraged to contact
if they have further questions.
Additional Information:
For samples of comparable Teacher Resource Essays, see:
Teacher Resources for China’ Great Leap Forward, by Clayton D. Brown
Teaching Korean Culture and History through Korean Literature, by Sarah Campbell.