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Session # 12 by Luis M. Camacho

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Luis Camacho
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Session # 12 by Luis M. Camacho

It was a very interesting session that helped us to understand in a closer way some of the important facts of living in Asia, especially in China. Doctor Dube exposed in a perfect way for us to check and compare some of the differences between living there and here in America such as the high cost of apartments in the big cities. The property lease law for commercial residential use that need to keep paying a fee to the government for use of land, after property is already fully paid.


From my personal experience, I had the opportunity to be working for along 5 weeks at South Korea back on 1999 and 4 weeks at China in the year 2000. I always feel privileged for having those opportunities in my life working as an Engineer. This seminar helped me understand the History of these countries, the important events that formed their political movements and the contribution of important people such as Mao-Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek with the development of their nation.


I enjoyed particularly the use of timeline information to compare the development of the nations at important moments of the history. I have great plans to use this technique to connect great inventions and discoveries with the needs of the people along different moments on the human history. As a teacher I will have the possibility of share this valuable information with my students, specially with the Physics class, connecting the concept of development of technology with the people needs at different stages of the history.