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Session # 10 by Luis M. Camacho

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Luis Camacho
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Session # 10 by Luis M. Camacho

The Cultural Revolution brought a series of important changes to China. The selective memory of events that could damage the image of the people in the high positions of the politic is just a regular tactic of manipulation of ideas. Same way that Chinese government forgot about the thousand of people persecuted and murdered in the way at the time when Mao Zedong was becoming stronger, the murdered students in 1989 at the Tiananmen square has been also ignored. It is scary to think that nowadays the same information manipulation is present in our country in a very similar way.

Lin Kuang
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Tian An Men Square 1989

Hi Luis, all you mentioned is true. The cultual revolution was launched by Chairman Mao to whorship his individuality as a dectationship in his late learderhsip in China, which destroyed many traditions and cutural legent left for thousands of years. Chairman Mao was getting older and his ego became so big that he could tolerate differnet opinions. Then He printed out the little handbook" Long Live Chairman Mao" to insert the concept into all chinese people he ruled Anyone who disobeyed his order was senenced to jail for no reasons, so the jails at that time were filled with intellectual scholars title " Chou Lao Jiu" till Chairman Deng came to the power.

The truth of the Beijing Tian An Men Saquare in 1989" started with a groups of studens leaders tried to negociate with the leaders to resume the reputation of their Prime Minister Zhao Zi Yang. Of course, They could compromise and then students from major Univerities in Beijing gathered in front the Tian An Men Square and called out for democratic resolution. The Chinese Governement sent troops to put dowm the riots and protest and killed many students to show thier power over the rebelled students and left many innoncent people dead. It's a painful memories becasue most of my friends were there and evidenced the brutality and inhumanity chinese governemnt committed to their own people when they were in peacful protest without weapons.