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Readings for session 5

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Readings for session 5

In regards to the readings I was quit astonished to read that those same amount of numbers are real, for instance in the reading of, “Top Ten Things to Know About Korea In The 21st Century”, it states that North and South Korea combined equal to the size of Utah or Minnesota, when compared. But that the population of both Koreas exceeds 68, million people. That is just too many people living in such a small amount of space. This making it one of the worlds’s most densely populated countries.
I enjoyed the reading of Kaptain Lee, I found this story to be quite interesting because of the mere fact that people are to react and obey what their government/s tell them to do. In the story Kaptain Lee is taken away to a camp to serve, (I believe), not knowing what his fate might become. But only after operating on the main general, (the head honcho), was he released. This action being the typical, “Kissing Ass”, in the real world. Granted we do as we are told, here in the Americas, we follow the rules and regulations, but we have and constitute freedom, freedom of speech, we have laws and regulations and orders to follow but not to the extent that if we do not obey them, we would be executed. We do however, get punished or face consequences when we do wrong things, (tickets, and jail). In reading this story it made me think of New York, and how the New Yorker’s do as they please, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but that is what I observed when I visited New York, the people there are just too busy with themselves, they have no time to think of others. Unlike the main character in the story that was a doctor and would spend time thinking of other people he would try to save, this he knew was his calling and he did a good job of it.
In re-reading the story, “Cranes”, I was and still am dumbfounded by the ending, I still don’t get the ending or the point behind this story, anyone?
I can/would use the above tales to again show my students , To understand the elements of fair play and good sportsmanship, respect for the rights and opinions of others and respect for rules by which we live including the meaning of the Golden rule, this being an Alternate curriculum standard. One cannot get enough training on how to be/become a better person