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Announcement about UCLA summer course for high school students

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Jennifer Jung-Kim
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Announcement about UCLA summer course for high school students

Dear Educators:

You may remember me from previous seminars when I spoke about Korea. 

Today, I am emailing to ask for your help in announcing my weeklong summer courses for high school students. Rising 9th graders through new high school graduates can take these courses for 2 UCLA units. Students may take one or both weeks for credit.

This summer, I am teaching the first weeklong course on 1587 China, and the second week on 1940-41 Japan. Both are great ways for students to learn about history and international issues through Reacting to the Past's immersive role-play pedagogy of actual and fictional characters in each time period. Students will improve their critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills as they write, speak, and debate in character.

I have been teaching this course since Summer 2017, and it is a very engaging way to learn about specific moments in history but still learn issues that cross borders and time.

Complete information is on line:

We are also on Instagram #ucla_iissi.

Summer Scholar aid is available if they meet the requirements and apply by April 1, 2020.

Please email me if you have any questions. I would also be happy to mail you color flyers for posting if you reply with your mailing address.

Thank you very much!

Jennifer Jung-Kim