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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on China Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities in Relevant Waters September 19, 2010

Jiang Yu answers questions about China enhancing law enforcement activities in relevant waters.
September 19, 2010

Q: Chinese marine surveillance ships have urged Japan recently to stop marine surveying activities in relevant waters, and Chinese fishery law-enforcement ships have also enhanced activities in relevant waters. Please confirm.

A: China has sent marine surveillance ships lately to strengthen law-enforcement activities in our relevant waters to safeguard China's maritime rights and interests.

Competent Chinese authorities have also sent fishery law-enforcement ships to our relevant waters to cruise and protect fishery.

Q: It is reported that China has transported materials to Chunxiao oil and gas field and may carry out maintenance operations there. Please confirm.

A: China possesses full sovereign and jurisdictional rights over Chunxiao oil and gas field and China's activities in Chunxiao are completely reasonable and lawful.

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