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Topics about china in the Spanish Class

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Topics about china in the Spanish Class

[font='Times New Roman']The standards, the objectives, the warm ups, the assignments, follow up activities and assessments that are part of every lesson are not included here. I want to share just an idea that I use when I’m talking about poetry in my AP Spanish class and like to include this poem, not as a whole lesson about [/font]China[font='Times New Roman'], but as a touch of the presence in Mexico of China during the 19[/font]th[font='Times New Roman'] century. As part of the poetry lesson, students have to translate from Spanish to English. here just a bit of the poem, the section that talks about China [/font]
VIEJA LLAVE (Amado Nervo)
Esta llave cincelada …
This carved key …that knew the secrets of a rich past by locking in a wooden trunk items such as…
del mantón de seda fina
The silk robe
que nos trajo de la China
brought from china
la gallarda, la ligera española nao fiera.
by the amazing Spanish ship
Tú sabías de tibores
You know of the porcelain jar
donde pájaros y flores confundían sus colores;
in which birds and flowers used to mix their colors
tú, de lacas, de marfiles
of lacquers and ivory
y de[font=Verdana] [/font]perfumes[font=Verdana] [/font]sutiles de otros tiempos
and of subtle perfumes of another time

[font=Times, 'Times New Roman', serif][/font]
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Hi, pcampuzano

Do you teach Spanish? I am a middle school Mandarin teacher. I would like to connect with you and collabrate. I am from China.

Qin Huang