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Not One Less (一个都不能少)

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Bin He
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Not One Less (一个都不能少)

Movie Overview:

A 13-year-old girl Wei Minzhi came to take the place of Teacher Gao. The students felt that the teacher was too young and began to bully her. Soon, a student, Zhang Huike, ran away from home and went to work in the city. Wei Minzhi also went to the town and found Zhang Huike with the help of kind people, and the children in these mountainous areas have received significant attention and support from society.




This film focuses on education in rural China.

1.  In the film, you can see the shortage of teachers, the school buildings' poor conditions, and the students dropping out of school for various reasons.

2. This film is also a resource for studying the changes in China's education policy. The rural school in the movie is very common in China. But after a few years, many rural schools were forced to close. Behind this is the improvement of existing policies, such as optimizing the allocation of rural education resources, abandoning the "village-run school" approach, and consolidating resources in neighboring schools. There are also problems in the implementation of the policy. For example, after the merger of schools, the conditions for running schools are challenging and overcrowded, and the quality of education has not been improved. Boarding students are far away from home to study, and they still get low-quality education.


Miguel Diaz
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Excellent Film!

This is an excellent film! I saw it many years ago.