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House Unit- Chinese k

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Shurong Tu
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House Unit- Chinese k

Curriculum Project

IB Unit of Inquiry – House

Chinese Kindergarten

Shurong Tu


House Unit                                                    Lesson # 1- Introduction

Students will watch the book video Not a box in Chinese guided by teacher and answer the question-what does the rabbit use cardboard to do.

Students will watch the story三只小猪 and finish the worksheets.

Key vocabulary:

Tier 1_ 稻草、 树枝、砖块

Tier 2_ 盒子、大野狼、 猪

Resources: Not a box



House Unit                                                  Lesson # 2 - Building Materials

Students will see the following house pictures made by different building materials. Teacher will guide students to think why people choose different materials to build their houses and what kind of materials do you and your family members think more environmental and save our planet. Please fill out your answer in following box.

        1. Why people build houses with different materials?


2. What materials are more environmental?



Key vocabulary:

Tier 1_ 石头、木头、砖块、土、雪、树枝

Tier 2_ 钢筋,海藻

Resources: find the house pictures made by stone, wood, brick, concrete/steel, earth, snow , twig and sargassum 


House Unit                                                Lesson # 3- Chinese old architectures

Students will watch the following pictures. They can guess where these pictures taken and compare the similarities/difference with American architectures from shapes, colors, and aesthetics perspectives.  

Key vocabulary: 形状,颜色, 美观

Resources: Teng Wang Pavilion,Shengjin Pagoda , Youmin Temple , Bayi Park 


House Unit                                          Lesson # 4- Building Tools

Students will watch the tool book video by Gail Gibbons in Chinese guided by teacher and answer the question what tools they know and what tools they do not know , then color the following tools sheet.

Key vocabulary: 尺子, 水平仪, 钳子, 锤子, 螺丝等等.



House Unit                                         Lesson # 5- Building houses

students are encouraged to build any house with using the knowledge they have learned so far. Please consider the house to fit the climate and add some chinese architecture elements like shapes , colors etc.

Major Building Materials can be cardboard box, popsicle sticks, twigs, flour, wood sticks or blocks, grass , canvas, etc.




Kimberly de Berzunza
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I love how you've adapted the information from the Asian Design course to your kindergarten class!  This is great work.  Good luck!