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Podcast on China for Teachers this Sat., March 1

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Podcast on China for Teachers this Sat., March 1

This weekend, the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Asia Program are co-sponsoring a history institute for teachers on "China’s Encounter with the West."

The event will be simultaneously broadcasted online, and interested teachers can get additional information on the event and register for the free webcast at the event website:

The conference begins 10:30 am ET on Saturday, March 1, 2008 and concludes at 1 pm ET on Sunday, March 2, 2008. See below for more information.

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China’s rapid economic development — made possible in part by institutions and policies it implemented based on its two-century encounter with the West — has led to its emergence as a great power. The PRC’s interaction with the West — and the U.S. especially — has become and will remain a central concern of international relations. FPRI’s Wachman Center and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Asia Program present a weekend-long History Institute for Teachers that will provide teachers cutting-edge scholarship on the origins and current state of China’s encounter with the West.

Topics and Speakers (partial list)

China’s Earliest Encounters with the West
-Andrew Wilson, US Naval War College

Political Ideas in China’s Encounter with the West
-Edward Friedman, University of Wisconsin

Economic Influence in China’s Relations with the West
-Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburgh

China and the West: Changing Security Relationships
-Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania

Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China’s Relations with the West
-Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Georgetown University

China’s Legal Learning from the West
-Jacques Delisle, Director, FPRI Asia Program, and Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania

The 2008 Beijing Olympics
-A Roundtable Discussion

Teaching About China and the West
-Lucien Ellington, Director of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Asia Program; Editor, Education about Asia; and Senior Fellow, FPRI’s Marvin Wachman Fund
-Paul Dickler and James Sanzare, Senior Fellows, FPRI’s Wachman Fund

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Message from catwell

Although I wasn't able to participate in this webcast this morning (I couldn't get the webcast to recognize my Mac version of Windows Media Player, in case others are interested in participating in other webcasts from this organization - if I hear back as to how to make it work, I'll post here), the site sponsoring the webcast is great for history teachers. The sponsoring organization is the University of Tennessee. They have lots of lesson plans and videos of speakers from many prior seminars, including ones on East Asia (Japan, etc.). The web link is (copy it into your web browser).

Cathy Atwell
Marlborough School

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Message from ssuntwanuparp

I eagerly await the upcoming posts. I am siting in a class right now, but I hope to use the podcast in the future.

So a big thanks to "catwell."

I'd love to see or read some reviews.