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Marcos Rico
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Language Arts

Language Arts Lessons using The Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety, #5 Carrying Loads of Rice on his back to Feed his Parents: Zi Lu

Tiffany Chang
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Lesson response

I think it's a wonderful way to connect cross-culturally with the standards that you have to teach. As subjects can overlap with each other, combining social studies and language arts is important for students to see how reading is important in every aspect of our life as well as how social studies plays a crucial part in understanding how society develops.

The way your lesson plan is set up is very organized and easy to follow. It is very helpful to have a script to go along with the lesson plan so anyone who uses this can fall back on the script. Since there is extensive vocabulary in the stories, it is important to explain what those words mean and allow students to process what it means before diving into the story.