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Wu, "A survey of Taiwanese parents' attitudes toward early childhood music education and their participation in music activities at home," 2005

USC dissertation in Education.
August 21, 2009

Sung-Mei Wu, D.M.A

Abstract (Summary)

This study was designed to research the attitudes, beliefs and actions of parents with young children toward early childhood music education in Taiwan.

The purposes of this study were threefold: (1) to investigate Taiwanese parents' attitudes toward early childhood music education and their participation in music activities at home; (2) to determine the extent of relationships between parental attitudes and parental actions using selected factors; and (3) to examine any gender differences in parental involvement with children using selected music activities. A total of 468 Taiwanese parents who have children between the ages of two and five participated and answered a survey with thirty questions.

Results indicated that the respondents agreed that music should be included as part of early childhood education (95%) and that all children have potential for learning music in the early years (86%). Other positive results regarding parents' attitudes showed that music will help children later in other subjects (90%); that music will provide children with fundamental music skills (97%); that early exposure to early music education will influence children to value music (91%); and that music develops individual creativity in every child (95%). Limited time was an issue for Taiwanese families not attending after-school music programs. More than one-half (62%) responded that they would enroll their children in music class if time allowed.

There were significant correlations between Taiwanese parents' attitudes toward music and their participation in singing, movement, and listening activities with their children. There were also significant correlations between parents' musical backgrounds and their agreement on the impact of early childhood music education. Significant gender differences appeared between parents in regard to their musical involvement in singing and movement at home and in participation with their children in outside music classes.

Advisor: Huffman, Debra



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