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Tseng, "Examining current U.S. Public Art Trust Fund programs for applications in Taiwan: Visions for Taiwan's new Public Art Trust Fund," 2008

USC Thesis in Fine Arts.
August 4, 2009

Yu-wen Evelyn Tseng, M.A

Abstract (Summary)
The 2007 Public Art Ordinance Amendment Conference in the Council of Cultural Affairs of Taiwan regulates that if a public art budget for a project is lower than one million NTD (approximately 30,000 U.S. dollars), the responsible public art agency should consider depositing the money into the city's or the county's Public Art Trust Fund. This thesis tries to discover more interesting and diverse public artworks for Taiwan. Firstly, it discusses the public art status quo in Taiwan--including current artists (software), public artworks (hardware), and art administrators (orgware). Then, it discusses the transformation of public spaces into public places, and the impact of cynical events to a city's image. Finally, it compares PATF models in Los Angeles. Through this research, this thesis presents new ways the PATF in Taiwan will transform the public art program to contribute to more community-based, and user-benefit public art projects.

Advisor: Fischer, Leslie
Committee members: Levy, Caryl,  Dector, Joshua



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