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Felix Wemheur, "Food Politics and Hunger in Maoist China (1953-1963)"

The Fairbank Center hosts Yomi Braester as he examines recent visual media practices, from traditional painting scrolls to state-of-the-art digital screens, and shows their collusion in the commodification of Chinaʼs cityscapes.

[WEBCAST] Taiwan: Lessons and the Politics of Coronavirus

Join Dr. Chunhuei Chi, Syaru Shirley Lin, and Daniel Russel for their webcast on Taiwan and the Coronavirus. 

Introduction to the Asian Area and the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden

UC Berkeley presents a lecture and tour of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden.

Off the Epicenter: How Rural China is Coping with COVID-19

Join Scott Rozelle for his webinar on how rural China is coping with Covid-19. 

Indigenous Knowledge? The Politics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

UC Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Judith Farquhar on the tradition of medicine in China and its Western engagements.

Rice Queens, Snakeheads, and Green Cards: HIV and Gay Male Subjectivity in NYC Chinatowns

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies presents a workshop with Assistant Professor Katherine Mason of Brown University and Assistant Professor Elanah Uretsky of George Washing University as discussant, organized by Nicole Hewendorp of Harvard University.

Healing Without Harm: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endangered Species in Asia

Join Jill Robinson and Lixin Huang for a fascinating look at the use of endangered species products in traditional medicine.

China's 'Leftover' Women and the End of the One-Child Policy

Cornell University East Asia Program hosts a talk with Leta Hong Fincher about her new book on state-sponsored gender inequality in China.

Combating HIV/AIDS in China

David Ho, Irene Diamond, and Andrew Nathan will discuss HIV/AIDS in China at Columbia University.