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The Performance and Driving Force of Government Health Expenditure in China: Evidence from Provincial Panel Data, 1991-2007

Qiulin Chen, Shorenstein-Spolgi Fellow of Stanford University will speak on the topic of China's Government Health Expenditure at Stanford University.

Asia 2017: The Experts Forecast

Join Asia Society as it takes a moment at year’s end to peer into Asia’s future, and put some of its own experts on the spot: Evan Medeiros, Ruchir Sharma, Josette Sheeran, and others, moderated by Tom Nagorski.

The U.S., China, and Japan in the Changing Global System

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange will speak at Harvard University.

Urbanization in China: How Residential Exposure to Nature Affects the Health of the Elderly in China

George Washington University's Sigur Center presents a "brown bag" lunch with Dr. John Ji, concerning the health of Chinese elderly in urban cities.

Panel discussion: Impact of COVID 19 on Australia-China Business Relations

Online event via ZOOM:Find out the implications of COVID-19 on Australia-China business relations.

Screening and Discussion of "Under the Dome"

The Wilson Center presents a screening of Under the Dome, a documentary about China's pollution.

Meeting Rising Housing and Health Expectation

USC and Shanghai researchers met in the Shanghai Municipal Government headquarters to discuss housing and health care.

China's Recent Medical Reform

USC Institute for Global Health presents a lecture on China's recent health reform with Dr. Gonghuan Yang.

Forced Competition And Existential Comparisonism - A Conversation By Xiang Biao 项飙 (April 14th, 2023)

Join the discussion! In this conversation, participants are invited to share personal experiences and observations. Xiang will start the conversation by providing a brief history about examination in China.