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The Malleable Addict: Heroin Addiction, Therapeutic Treatment and Biopolitics in Southwest China

Sandra Teresa Hyde will speak on addiction and biopolitics in Southwest China.

Health and Social Activism of Self-Identified Gay Men in Postsocialist China

The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk by Tiantian Zheng, surrounding the collaboration between gay communities and the Chinese state.

Human Environments, Genetics and Healthy Aging

The Pacific Studies Institute at Duke University presents a lecture with Xiaoli Tian.

COVID-19: What Drives China’s Approach

Join Professor Steve Tsang for his talk on Continuing the Conversations - SOAS Virtual Events Series COVID-19: What Drives China’s Approach?

Health Care in Eleventh-Century China

The Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley presents a talk with Nathan Sivin who will discuss the whole spectrum of health care in Eleventh-Century China, and explore the interactions of ritual medicine with other kinds.

76 DAYS: A Live Q&A with Writer/Director/Producer Hao Wu

Outside the Box [Office], USC U.S.-China Institute, and MTV Documentary Films present a Live Q&A with Writer/Director/Producer Hao Wu discussin

Between Blood and Sex: The Contradictory Impact of Transnational AIDS Institutions on State Repression in China

Yan Long, postdoctoral fellow at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, presents an analysis of the transformation of repression against AIDS activism in China.

HIV/AIDS NGOs in China and Their Relationship with the Government

UCLA's Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Wan Yanhai.

Doing Business in China: A U.S. Executive's Experience

The East Asian Studies Center at Ohio University hosts a talk by Roger Bird who will discuss his business experience in China.

All Disease Comes from the Heart: The Pivotal Role of the Emotions in Classical Chinese Medicine

Professor Heiner Fruehauf will speak on the role of emotions in classical Chinese medicine at the University of Oregon.



January 28, 2021 - 4:00pm

Jennifer Pan examines how China's major social assistance program, Dibao, has been used to quell dissent.

February 4, 2021 - 4:00pm

Scott Rozelle discusses his new book that looks at the stark contrast between China's rural and urban populations.