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Tai, "A study and comparison of the IPO communications environments and communications strategies in the United States and Hong Kong," 2007

USC thesis in Strategic Public Relations.
August 21, 2009

Shu-Fen Tang, M.A

Abstract (Summary)

As China's economy develops rapidly, Hong Kong's securities market has played an important role in assisting the privatizations of its state-owned Enterprises (SOEs). Three of the top ten initial public offerings (IPOs) have taken place in Hong Kong over the past two years. This demonstrates that Hong Kong also has the ability to list large-scale IPOs. The larger the IPO deal, the more complex it is to implement in terms of IPO communications. Since Hong Kong is a location for large-scale IPOs, analysis of the IPO communication landscape in Hong Kong should reveal valuable information. Since New York has long been the primary financial capital for largescale IPO activities, the patterns of IPO communications in this environment are also worth examining. This thesis compares IPO communications landscapes in Hong Kong and the U.S., including the respective investment communities, regulations, media, and communications strategies.

Advisor: Swerling, Gerald