World War II

Japanese Note to the United States ("Fourteen Part Message"), 1941

December 7, 1941

Japanese Note to the United States, December 7, 1941,(Generally referred to as the "Fourteen Part Message.")

Message From the United States President to the Emperor of Japan, 1941

December 6, 1941

One day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor with 420 airplanes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent the following message to the Showa Emperor of Japan.

United States Note to Japan, 1941

November 26, 1941

The text of the document handed by the Secretary of State to the Japanese Ambassador on November 26, 1941, which consists of two parts, one an oral statement and one an outline of a proposed basis for agreement between the United States and Japan.

China and Japan: Nara to Now

Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University hosts a talk with Ezra Vogel on the history of Sino-Japanese relations.

Pacific Hostilities: Engaging with Japanese & American Experiences of the Second World War

The Japan Society presents a professional development workshop that examines historical experiences in Japan and the United States before, during, and after the Second World War in the Asia-Pacific (1937-1945) in order to deepen teachers’ understanding of not only the nature of that conflict but also the war’s ongoing influence upon U.S.-Japan relations.