Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Freer Gallery of Art presents a screening of the Taiwanese film. Mandarin with English subtitles.

Taiwan Day: School Life in Taiwan

A sneak peak into Taiwanese culture through the lens of the vibrant school life.

China on Stage symposium: From Classical to Rock-n-Roll: Western Music in China

A series of discussions exploring what Chinese artists are creating and performing now, discuss what new directions contemporary culture may take in the coming years, and explore its potential influence on global culture.

Panel Discussion: Did TRA fulfill its intended purpose? What are the prospects?—In commemoration of 35th anniversary

The Institute for Taiwanese Research hosts a discussion to evaluate the performance of Taiwan Relations Act(TRA) and to explore its future prospects.

The Rise of China and Taiwan's Response: Implication for the United States

The University of Pennsylvania holds a public talk on China and Taiwan relations and implications.

Two Classics of Asian Cinema A City of Sadness (Bei qing cheng shi)

Hou Hsiao-hsien's landmark epic uses the story of a single family to reflect the most chaotic period in Taiwan's history.

Japanese Colonial Rule in Taiwan

The Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute presents a talk by Seiji Shirane, City College of New York as part of their Modern Taiwan Lecture Series.

Epoch-making Digitization in National Palace Museum: Past-Future

The Taiwan Academy presents an exhibition that will showcase seven multi-media works, displaying the new interpretations of digital material at the world-renowned National Palace Museum.

Republic Of China (Taiwan), National Defense Report, 1992

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) publishes reports on “what it has done, what it is doing, what it prepares to do, why it is going to do so” to the people in accordance with Article 30 of the National Defense Act. The National Defense Report is published to give citizens a better understanding of the nation’s current security environment and national defense policy.