Mandarin Rank Badges: Evolution Over 400 Years with Dr. David Hugus

The Pacific Asia Museum presents a history about the Chinese military rank badges.

The Digital Economy Forum: Prospects for Taiwan-US Cooperation in the Internet Age

This event on October 14 will include reflections on the second U.S.-Taiwan DEF meeting, as well as a discussion by panelists on how the DEF fits into broader U.S.-Taiwan economic engagement.

2012 Annual Conference of the Chinese Military History Society

Presented by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies at The George Washington University.

China Reality Check: The Trump-Xi Mar-a-Lago Meeting: Expectations and Implications

Join CSIS for a discussion in anticipation of the likely meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in early April. This gathering will be an important milestone and help set the tone for the relationship in the years ahead. Although the meeting has not yet been officially announced, CSIS believes that a serious discussion and analysis is warranted given the uncertainty at this juncture and potential trajectory of the relationship.

Republic Of China (Taiwan), National Defense Report, 1993-1994

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) publishes reports on “what it has done, what it is doing, what it prepares to do, why it is going to do so” to the people in accordance with Article 30 of the National Defense Act. The National Defense Report is published to give citizens a better understanding of the nation’s current security environment and national defense policy. 


Rising Tides: A Simulation of Regional Crisis and Territorial Competition in the East China Sea

The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University will host the simulation, "Rising Tides: A Simulation of Regional Crisis and Territorial Competition in the East China Sea". The event will be sponsored by Strategic Crisis Simulations.

The Military and Militarization of Republican China

The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley hosts a conference analyzing how militarization and war may have shaped the culture of Republican China

Mutually-Assured Restraint for US-China Relations

The George Washington Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies hosts a discussion of a task force composed of American and Chinese scholars.

The PRC Re-education Gulag: Repression, Assimilation and Islamophobia in the Name of Tianxia Harmony

The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by James A. Millward on the internment of indigenous peoples in China.

'Not so Fast, Thucydides!' Reasons to be Cheerful about the South China Sea

Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Bill Hayton on his book arguing for deescalation in the South China Seas.