Hong Kong

Extracts from the Lockhart Report on the New Territory, 8 October, 1898, from Great Britain

December 13, 1901

Extracts from the Lockhart Report on the New Territory, 8 October, 1898, from Great Britain

Will the Hong Kong Model Survive?: An Assessment 20 Years After the Handover

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China announces a hearing examining the long-term prospects for human rights and basic freedoms in Hong Kong as well as challenges to preserving it’s promised “high degree of autonomy.” 

A Talk by Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kium, Longtime Leader of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong

The NYU School of Law, U.S.-Asia Law Institute presents a talk by Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kium, the longtime leader of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Cinema Festival

The San Francisco Film Society hosts a weekend of new films from Hong Kong

Screening: Vanished Archives

The USC U.S.-China Institute presents a screening of Vanished Archives 消失的檔案, a documentary film about the 1967 riots in Hong Kong that some say is the starting point for the development of Hong Kong consciousness. Discussion with the director follows the screening.

Symposium: Who Decides in China’s Rapid Urbanization? An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into the New Chinese City

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Carolina Asia Center presents a symposium on China's rapid urbanization.

Umbrella Movement Anniversary Exhibition, Los Angeles

The Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles (HKFLA) presents an exhibition celebrating the anniversary of the Fall 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The Exhibition features photos, arts, musical performance as well as film screening which serve both as a reflection of the Umbrella Movement and a projection of Hong Kong's continuous struggle for democracy.

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

The Carnegie Hall presents the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Special Screening and Director Q&A: My Voice, My Life

The Museum of Tolerance hosts a screening of My Voice, My Life followed by Q&A with director Ruby Yang and film subject Jason Chow.

Doing Business in China: A U.S. Executive's Experience

The East Asian Studies Center at Ohio University hosts a talk by Roger Bird who will discuss his business experience in China.