Acheson, Statement on China, 1949

August 5, 1949

Secretary of State Dean Acheson's view of China in August 1949.

ChinaFile Presents: Can the China Model Succeed?

The Asia Society of New York hosts a talk by Daniel A. Bell on his new book.

LRCCS Noon Lecture Series ~ Is Lying Contagious? Spatial Diffusion of Agricultural “Satellites” During China’s Great Leap Forward

The University of Michigan's Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Hongwei Xu on Agricultural Satellites during the Great Leap Forward.

LRCCS Noon Lecture Series ~ Rewriting the Creation Myth: Revolution and the Birth of the PRC Judicial System

The University of Michigan's Center for Chinese Studies will hold a talk with Glenn Tiffert on the establishment of the PRC judicial system.

John Birch, China and the Cold War

National committee on United States - China Relations presents a talk with Terry Lautz on his book detailing the life and importance of John Birch in U.S.-China affairs.

Wang Guangmei's qipao and the Two Line Struggle in Communist Feminism

University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Tani Barlow on Communist Feminism.

Religion and Revolution in China

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies hosts a talk with Elizabeth Perry on religion in Communist China.

The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China

Please join the USC U.S.-China Institute for a book talk by Guobin Yang. The first part of the book offers a new explanation of factional violence in the Red Guard movement and the second part of the book chronicles the de-sacralization of that revolutionary culture throughout the 1970s and the rise of a new wave of protest that inaugurated the democratic movements of the reform era.