Tiananmen Square Document 27: Secretary of State's Morning Summary for June 14, 1989, China: Back to Business, But Crackdown Continues, 1989

June 14, 1989

This document describes the sudden public emergence of many top Chinese officials—including some associated with ousted party chief Zhao Ziyang—in an apparent show of support for the military crackdown.

Digital Perspectives on Middle-Period Chinese Political History

University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Hilde De Weerdt on the impact of Song government control over information.

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Screening of "Ten Years"

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is adding another screening of the Hong Kong award Best Film "Ten Years" with English subtitles.

Waves of Protest, Waves of Repression: China and Hong Kong from 1989 to the Era of Xi Jinping

Pomona College hosts a discussion with Wang Chaohua, Nathan Law, and Jeffrey Wasserstrom on the role of protest in the China-Hong Kong relationship.

Digital Perspectives on Imperial Chinese Political History

Stanford University hosts a talk with Hilde De Weerdt