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Statement from the Taiwan Inter-Church Consultation 1985

October 9, 1985 Statement from the Republic of China's Inter-Church Consultation (from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan).
October 9, 1985

Statement from the Taiwan Inter-Church Consultation

9 October 1985

    We have gathered together as representatives of twenty churches and church organizations to participate in the Taiwan Inter-Church Consultation called by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan to focus on the mission of the church in Taiwan. After three days of discussion we have come to a common mind and issue this statement.

    We affirm that the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is seeking to share in Christ with churches throughout the world, the gifts which it has received from God in order to carry out the mission which God has given it. Moreover, we reaffirm the position of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan as set forth in Our National Fate 1971; Our Appeal 1975; and the Declaration on Human Rights 1977.

    We believe that in Christ the Church is one, holy and catholic. It should transcend division of politics, culture and race. At this time when the church in China is beginning to make increasing contacts with churches in other countries, we affirm the self-hood of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and its role in international church organizations. Moreover, we continue to support its participation in the worldwide mission of the church.

    We are deeply concerned about the problems which at present face aborigines in Taiwan. We urge that their human rights and dignity be strongly upheld.

    Together, we are striving to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to promote respect for human rights and dignity and to establish a just and peaceful world.

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