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Wang, "Analysis of the role of government in Taiwan's industrialization and economic development," 2001

industries. We try to find out answers from case studies of Taiwan ... and the consequent impact on industrial sectors. In our study of Taiwan ... a sector where Taiwan has competitive advantages in order to develop ...

Chen, "Political economy of financial liberalization in emerging markets: A comparative study of South Korea and Taiwan in the 1990s," 2002

differentiated the results of financial liberalization in South Korea and Taiwan ... This analysis resulted in three major conclusions. First, South Korea and Taiwan ... growth than in Taiwan, finding a fluctuating pattern of growth in South ...

Wang, "The transformation of Taiwanese political economy since the mid-1980's: From authoritarian to quasi-democratic state," 2001

in Taiwan since the 1950's was politically characterized as being ... framework for epitomizing and anatomizing Taiwan's change of state structure beyond authoritarianism. It argues that Taiwan has marched toward ...