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Sense of Congress respecting membership of Taiwan in Asian Development Bank, United States Code Title 22 Chapter 7 Section 285v, Enacted 3 June 1980

This section of the U.S.C. was originally Public Law 89-369 Sec. 25. It was amended by Public Law 96-259 Title II Sec. 201 in 1980.
June 3, 1980

United States Code
CHAPTER 7 - International Bureaus, Congresses, Etc.
SUBCHAPTER XIV - Asian Development Bank

    Sec. 285v. Sense of Congress respecting membership of Taiwan in Bank

      It is the sense of the Congress that it is the policy of the United States that Taiwan (before January 1, 1979, known as the Republic of China) shall be permitted to retain membership in the Asian Development Bank and that the United States Executive Director of the Bank shall notify the Bank that a serious review of future United States participation, including any future payments to the Asian Development Fund, would ensue if Taiwan were expelled from the Bank.