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Zheng, Lei 郑雷

Visiting Scholar, US-China Institute, 2019-2020

Research Interests

  • Journalism Institution, Media Industries


  • School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University. Major: Journalism and Communication Degree: Doctor of Literature
  • School of Management, Shandong University. Major: Business Administration Degree: Master of Business Administration 
  • School of Literature, Ocean University of China. Major: Chinese Language and Literature Degree: Bachelor of Literature 

Working Experience

  • Qilu Evening News Position:Political Journalist, Editor, In-Depth Journalist


Academic Researches

  • Zheng Lei, Zheng Libo, & Jiang Sujia. (2017). Analysis and development trend of new cultural pattern -- taking VR, WeChat auction and film crowdfunding as examples. Media, 24, 72-76.
  • Zheng Lei, Zheng Libo, & Jiang Sujia. (2017). How does the United States regulate the development and operation of government owned new media. Chinese Journalist, 11, 119-123.
  • Zheng Lei, & Zheng Libo. (2017). Analysis on the regulation of Internet news distribution platform, The Press, 5, 97-99.
  • Zheng Lei, & Jiang Sujia. (2017). Corporate strategy and national image communication -- take huawei as an example, Youth Journalist, 3, 53-54.

In-depth Reports

  • Africans Live in Guangzhou, Qilu Evening News, 16/7/2012, B6-B7.
  • A Feast under the Fascination of Nobel Prize, Qilu Evening News, 15/10/2012, B3.
  • Dialogue with Qu Geping, The First Minister of the Ministry of Environment of China—'reforming interest groups is the key to combating smog’, Qilu Evening News, 24/3/2014, A4-A5.
  • Climb Moganshan Again, Qilu Evening News, 21/9/2014, B1-B4.