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Zhang, Lanshan 张蓝姗

Visiting Scholar, US-China Institute, 2020-2021


  • Professor, Department of Journalism and Communication, School of Digital Media & Design Arts, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Research Interests: 

  • Film and Television Communication
  • Media Convergence
  • Innovation and Application of Media Technology

Recent Publications: 

  1. ZHANG Lanshan: Media convergence: Cross-border and Transition of TV+Internet, [M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2019.
  2. ZHANG Lanshan, REN Xue. Application and Development Strategy of AI Anchor in TV Media, China Television, 2019(11):14-16.
  3. ZHANG Lanshan, HUANG Caiyun. The Development Trend of TV Media in 5G Era, China Television, 2019(10):70-73.
  4. ZHANG Lanshan, JIANG Yajuan. Dissolution and Reconstruction: the Development Direction of TV in the Age of Media convergence, China Television, 2019(4):59-62.
  5. ZHANG Lanshan, HUANG Gaoyuan. Challenges of Algorithmic Recommendation to Media Public sphere,Contemporary Communications, 2019(3):31-33.
  6. ZHANG Lanshan. Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Technology to TV Media, China Television, 2018(7):52-55.
  7. ZHANG Lanshan,GE Xinyi. The Change of Watching Habits of Network Video Users under the Background of Barrage Popularity, Contemporary Communications, 2018(3):93-95.
  8. Lanshan Zhang, Linhui Sun, Wendong Wang, Jiangchuan Liu. Unlocking the Door to Mobile Social VR: Architecture, Experiences and Challenges. IEEE network, 2018(1): 160-165 .
  9. ZHANG Lanshan. Innovation and Impact of Network Video Watching Mode: A Case Study of "Green Mirror" Intelligent Watching Mode, Contemporary Communications, 2017(7):105-106.
  10. ZHANG Lanshan. Opportunities and Challenges for TV Program Production Based on Big Data Analysis Tools, China Television, 2017(2):27-30.
  11. Lanshan Zhang, Linhui Sun, Wendong Wang, Ye Tian. KaaS: A Standard Framework Proposal on Video Skimming, IEEE Internet Computing, 2016, 20(4): 54-59
  12. Ye Tian, Lanshan Zhang, Wendong Wang. Emerging Social Topic Detection in Microblogging Stream, Journal of Computational & Theoretical Nanoscience, 2016, 13(5): 2685-2696.
  13. Lanshan Zhang, Ding Xi, Tian Ye, Gong Xiangyang. A Semi-Supervised Topic Model Incorporating Sentiment and Dynamic Characteristic, China Communications, 2016(12): 162-175 .
  14. ZHANG Lanshan. The Exploration of Foreign Television Industry Under the New Media Environment, China Television, 2016(4).
  15. ZHANG Lanshan. The Game and Development of Traditional TV Programs and Network Self-made Programs, China Television, 2015(9):58-61.
  16. ZHANG Lanshan. Analysis of two-way infiltration between television and the Internet, China Television, 2015(2):67-70.
  17. ZHANG Lanshan: Audience Ratings and Aesthetics of TV Art, [M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2014.
  18. ZHANG Lanshan. New Exploration of TV Variety Programs in the New Media Environment, China Television, 2014(9):13-16.
  19. ZHANG Lanshan. A Brief Discussion on the Dialectical Relation between the Audience Ratings and the Aesthetics of TV Art, Modern Communication(Journal of Communication University of China), 2014(5):159-160.
  20. ZHANG Lanshan. A Study on Youth Interest-related Self-organization in the Context of New Media: A Case Study of the Formation Mechanism of Coser Youth Organization in China, China Youth Study, 2014(3):26-30.
  21. ZHANG Lanshan. Economic Foundation and Superstructure: An Alternating Movement Between TV Rating and Aesthetic,Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2014(1):88-91.
  22. ZHANG Lanshan. Reconstructing the Comprehensive Evaluation System of TV Programs: Proposal and Construction of Aesthetic Index, Modern Communication(Journal of Communication University of China), 2013(9):76-79.

Research Fundings: 

  1. ZHANG Lanshan, TIAN Ye: Virtual Reality Teaching System Based on Cloud Computing. Science and Technology Development Center of Ministry of Education, 2019.6—2020.5, RMB 50,000.
  2. ZHANG Lanshan, JIA Jia, GE Xinyi, HUANG Gaoyuan: Research on Transition Strategy of Beijing's traditional TV industry in the era of "Internet +", Beijing Social Science Foundation Youth Project,2017.7—2019.6, RMB 80,000.
  3. ZHANG Lanshan, TIAN Ye: Study on the Key Technologies of Microblog Public Emergency Developing Trend, Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), 2015.1—2017.12, RMB 260,000.
  4. ZHANG Lanshan, HUANG Yuanyuan, YIN Dongsheng:Research and Construction of TV Program Aesthetic Evaluation System, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Youth Fund Project, 2013.9—2016.8, RMB 50,000.
  5. TIAN Ye, ZHANG Lanshan: Study on Key Mechanisms of Semantic Annotation and Recommendation of Barrage Video, Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), 2017.1—2019.12, RMB 234,000.
  6. CHEN Changfeng,….ZHANG Lanshan:Research on Information Values Leading in   Intelligent Age,National Social Science Fund Major projects,2019.1-2023.12, RMB 800,000.

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