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Yang, Lin 袁 琳

Visiting Scholar, US-China Institute, 2019-2020

Research Interests

  • Media Regulation, Media Economics

Professional Experience

  • Asistant Research Fellow, Research Insitute of Journalism and Communication, Zhejiang University of Communication (China)      
  • Researcher (part-time), Institute of New Media Data, East China University of Political Science and Law (China)
  • Committee Member, Expert Committee of Modern Career Education Research Institute (New Media Sub-Committee)(China)
  • CEO Assistant and Manager of the Legal office, Goodfarmer Investment Holdings (group) Co. Ltd (China)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Center for International Public Relations, Fudan University (China)
  • Trainee lawyer (Part-time), Shandong Juncheng Renhe Law Firm (Shanghai branch office) (China)


  • Ph.D.,  Communication Studies, Shanghai University (China)
  • M.A., Communication Studies, Shanghai University (China)
  • B.A., Public Relations, Shandong University (China)                              


Book chapter

  • Two chapters (50000 words in Chinese)in Jing Guanjun & Zheng Han, ed., An Introduction to the Creative Industry. (China Book Publishing House, 2011)
  • Three Chapters (60000 words in Chinese) in The Shanghai Office of Cultural Development Fund, ed., The C Industry : The Engine of the Creative Economy---An Observation on Shanghai’s Creative Industry. (The Joint Publishing House, 2006)

Journal articles (all in Chinese)

  • Technology Pitfalls of Online Service of the Local Goverments in China. Journal of Chinese Broadcasting, 2019.01
  • Self-Consiouness, Political Rights and Social Roles : Female Charaters in the Films of Ridley Scott. Contemporary Cinema (CSSCI) , 2017.10            
  • The Economic Signifance of Information Disclosure Requirement in P2P Financing for the Film Industry. Journalism Lover, 2017.6   
  • On the Information Disclosure Requirement in China’s P2P Financing Sector. China Media Report, 2016.3
  • New Trends in the American Copyright Legislation in the Digtial Age. Journalism and Communication, 2016.3
  • Business Models for Traditional Music Record Companies in the Digtial Age.  Journalism and Communication, 2014.7
  • The Success of P2P Digital Music Business : In the Case of Spotify. Journalism and Communication, 2014.4
  • Book Printing and Copyright Conceptualiztion in the Song Dynasty. Publishing Research (CSSCI), 2011.3
  • The Cultural Protection Policy of the Canadian Book Publishing Industry. International Communications, 2011.3
  • The Film Industry in South Africa :Development and Problems. China Cinema Market, 2010.10, 11

Research Grants

  • (host, ongoing) Collaborative Regulation : A New Approach towards Socialized Regulation of the Chinese Media Industry, granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education Social Sciences and Humanities Research Grant for Young Scholars, 2018-2020, 80000 yuan RMB
  • (host, ongoing) Regulation of Network Financing for the Chinese Film Industry from the Perspective of Internet+, granted by Zhejiang University of Communication, 2018-2019, 30000 yuan RMB
  • (host, completed) Financing Models for the Film Industry, granted by Zhejiang Provincial Social Sciencs Innovation Project, 2016-2017, 30000 yuan RMB
  • (key participant, completed) Copyright Protection of Music Works in the Digital Context : The American Experience, granted by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Research Innovation Project, 2011-2014, 50000 yuan RMB
  • (key participant, completed) The Institutional Transformation of European and American Culture Industries in the Age of Internet : The Reconstruction of Copyright System, granted by Chinese National Arts Resarch Fund, 2008-2015, 150000 yuan RMB