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Xiang, Debao 相德宝

Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar, US-China Institute, 2019-2020

Professor at Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China


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Conference Papers

  • Xiang, D. (2018). The structure and influence of Global media on Twitter with the Social Network Analysis. Paper presented at Social media and society international conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2018
  • Xiang, D. (2016). Mapping new media education landscape in China. Paper presented at the World Journalism Education Summit, New Zealand, 2016
  • Xiang, D. (2015). The characteristics and influence of Twitter users who form public opinions about China. Paper presented at Social Media and Society International Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2015
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  • Xiang, D. (2011). The Construction of 2010 World Expo Shanghai and China in the International Media. Paper presented at the 2011 IAMCR annual conference, Kadiar Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011
  • Xiang, D. (2010). Mellowing Mural Messages: A Study of Chinese Family Planning Slogans and Posters. Paper presented at the 2010 IAMCR annual conference, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, 2010
  • Xiang, D. (2010). Coronation VS Decoronation, Chinese Media's Representation of the Chinese, U.S. and Italian Leader's Attack. Paper presented at International Graduate Conference, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 , Paris,France, 2010


  • Agenda, pattern of influence and guiding strategies of U.S. Chinese experts on social media, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science National (17BXW048)
  • Social media network influence of Chinese mainstream media, Shanghai social sciences Foundation of shanghai municipality(2015BXW002)
  • Characteristics, mechanism of Chinese opinion leader on international social media, Ministry of Education Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (13YJC860035)
  • Innovations of Governmental Social Administration in the Era of Social Media, Shanghai International Studies University, 2011-2014
  • China’s Communication Strategies in the Era of Social Media, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, 2010-2013
  • On Building-up World First-class Media Group, Pu Jiang River Project of Shanghai Municipality, 2010-2012

Authored Books

  • Xiang, D. (2013). Building-up China’s international communication capacity in social media era. People’s Daily Press.
  • Xiang, D. (2010). From Propaganda to Persuasion: The Evolution of Chinese Population and Family Planning Slogans and Posters. China Broadcasting Publishing House

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent paper for the 1st Global communication and Public diplomacy conference by Division of Global communication and Public diplomacy of the Chinese association for history of Journalism and mass communication(2017)
  • Excellent instructor for national college students editorial writing(2017)
  • Outstanding Youth Scholar in public opinion studies by Division of Public onion studies of the Chinese association for history of Journalism and mass communication.(2016)
  • Excellent teaching award of Shanghai International Studies University(2015)
  • Yucai Award of Shanghai Municipality(2014)
  • Excellent paper for the Second, Third Chinese International Communication Symposium Hosted by Chinese State Information Bureau (2013,2011)
  • Excellent Youth Scholar in journalism and communication studies  in China, ministry of education, Chi