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Wong, Kris (Shu) 王枢

Visiting Scholar, US-China Institute, 2019-2020


  • Ph.D. School of Journalism, RENMIN University of China
  • M.A. College of Journalism and Literature, XiangTan University
  • B.A. College of Journalism and Literature, Hunan University of Art & Science
  • Exchange Student. College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Chinese Culture University, Taipei


Journal articles:

  • Song, Jianwu. & Wang, Shu. (2016). Leveraging the Internet to spread the Chinese dream. New Media, 03: 54-55.
  • Wang, Shu. (2017). The Characteristics of Network News Narrative and the Guidance of Public Opinion in the New Media Environment. China Newspaper Industry, 02:42-43.
  • Wang, Shu. (2017). Rethink on the Implementation of Special Management Unit System in China's Culture and Media Industry. Journal of news research, 02:242-243.

Book Chapters:

  • Wang, Shu. (2016). Development Trend of the Internet Application in Zhejiang Province in Regional Report. China Emerging Media Convergence Development Report, Chapter 2, pp.99-117.Beijing: Xinhua Publishing Press.
  • Wang, Shu. (2017). Convergence Platform: The cornerstone of media convergence development. Convergence Platform: Annual report on China Media Convergence, Chapter 1, pp.2-48 & Chapter 9,pp.320-390. Beijing: People’s Daily Press.
  • Wang, Shu. (2017).Emerging technologies in mobile internet applications. China Emerging Media Convergence Development Report, Chapter 1, pp.11-21. Beijing: Xinhua Publishing House.
  • Wang, Shu. (2018).Channel Convergence. Deep Convergence: Annual report on China Media Convergence, Chapter 3, Beijing: People's Daily press.(expected)


  • Game Research with That Game Company
  • Game Research with Wargaming Company
  • Research on the identification and control of fake information in public domain
  • Research on the operation model of the National Party Media Information Public Platform


  • Research assistant, Media convergence Lab, Renmin University of China, the first media convergence laboratory in Chinese universities, from June 2017
  • Intern (reporter), Zhengzhou Daily
  • Intern (reporter), Henan Daily
  • Intern (reporter), Hunan Daily


  • 2014-2017, Scholarship (second-class),Xiangtan University ·2017-2018, Scholarship (second-class), Renmin University of China