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Ran, Ran 冉冉

Postdoctoral Fellow, US-China Institute, 2009-2010

University of Southern California 
Dr. Ran Ran was a postdoctoral fellow of US-China Institute (2009-2010) at USC. She is currently an associate professor of political science at Renmin University of China. Dr. Ran’s research interests include comparative environmental politics, public policy analysis, and decentralization and local governance in China. She completed her Ph. D with summa cum laude in political science at Duisburg-Essen University, Germany in July 2009. Her dissertation titled “Environmental Politics at Local Levels in China: Explaining Policies Implementation Gap and Assessing the Implications”. During her postdoc fellowship, Ran worked on local environmental politics, developed her dissertation into two publishable journal articles, and improved the dissertation into a book by examining more closely how environment-related policy-making and local levels implementation patterns paradoxically strengthen the central government's legitimacy, then further to explain why and how legitimacy gap (The high legitimacy of central government and low legitimacy of local government) are constructed and what’s its implication for authoritarian resilience by using environmental politics as an example.


  • “Environmental Politics at Local Levels in China: Explaining Policy Implementation Gap and Assessing the Implications”, Department of Political Science, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany.

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Book Chapter

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