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Policy, Planning, and Development -- International Labs

The USC Price School of Policy, Planning, and Development offers International Labs that provide students with an integrative professional experience by enabling them to give policy recommendations and consultations to real clients in a different country.
November 24, 2008

USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development

International labs provide the essential clinical link between academic education and professional practice across the globe. Students work with real clients from the country abroad where the lab takes place. Local agencies and firms often sponsor a laboratory to obtain valued studies in research, design, and analysis. Community groups seek assistance from laboratory/workshops to obtain planning analysis and information otherwise unavailable to them. The products of these labs usually take the form of policy recommendations, a suggested plan or alternative plans, databases, background information, various maps and graphics. Beijing, China is an example of one of the countries the lab is held in.

Each summer, three USC students are chosen to intern at the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design upon completion of the School of Policy, Planning, and Development’s Overseas Professional Laboratory in China.

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