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Office of Overseas Studies -- Undergraduate Overseas Studies in Taipei, Taiwan (National Chengchi University)

USC Office of Overseas Studies in conjunction with the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE)
September 18, 2007
National Chengchi University
 Semester and Academic Year terms are both available. The approximate dates are late August to mid-December for the Fall Semester, just after Chinese lunar year to early June for the spring semester and late August to early June for the year long program.
Applicant Requirements:
Minimum 3.0 USC Cumulative G.P.A.
Language Requirement:
 Students must have completed a minimum of one year of college-level Mandarin Chinese or the equivalent, and a minimum of one Chinese area studies course.
 Students take an 8-unit core Mandarin course that teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing at the student’s level as determined by a placement test.  Students also take a one-unit Chinese Language Practicum to apply their skills as well as a 4-unit Chinese language elective. 
Elective Courses:
Business Chinese, Newspaper Chinese, Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese, and Taiwanese Language are all offered to students for elective credit.  To get a comprehensive insight into the factors that influence life in modern Taiwan, students are also required to take a 3-unit course called Topics on Modern Taiwanese Culture and Society, which is taught primarily in English.
Units Earned:
16 units per semester, 32 units for the full year
Application Deadline:
Applications are due in early February for Fall & Year programs and early October for Spring programs.
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