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Miyake, Lynne

Japanese, Asian Studies, and Women’s Studies, Pomona College
January 1, 2007



At Pomona College, Professor Miyake serves as the chair of the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures, on the Curriculum Committee for the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies, on Pomona College Advisory Committee for the Pacific Basin Institute and is a faculty advisor for the Pomona College Manga Club/Animotion Club and Claremont Colleges Nikkei/Japanese Student Club.

Professor Miyake has also published multiple articles in books and journals and has traveled across the country and to Japan giving lectures and presentations on topics such as Manga, The Tale of Genji, and Heian texts. She has been awarded numerous fellowships, grants, and honors over her career. She is also a member of professional organizations such as the Association of Asian Studies, Association of Teachers of Japanese, Southern California Japan Seminar, Modern Language Association, and Association for Japanese Literary Studies.

Professor Miyake's training is in classical Japanese literature and she works extensively in the narrative prose and diary literature traditions of the tenth through twelfth centuries. She examines the different narrative strategies employed by authors, narrators and readers in the creation of the textual experience. Additionally, Professor Miyake looks at how gender is configured by/in the various players, for example, in a narrator who is a continuum composite of male and female rather than simply one or the other. Recently her studies have included the intersection between contemporary authors/scholars/ filmmakers and classical Japanese literature--how the likes of a classical Japanese scholar and former attendant to the Japanese royal family (Iwasa Miyoko in Through the Eyes of a Courtlady) and a British filmmaker (Peter Greenaway in Pillow Book) re-make and re-enact textual moments from classical Japanese literature.