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Maps of American and Chinese international trade

A Talking Points resource: These World Trade Organization maps are based on 2009 statistics. The thickness of the lines indicates the relative size of the trade flow.
April 1, 2011

These maps and trends were raised in the March 31, 2011 issue of Talking Points, the USC US-China Institute's newsletter. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter. These maps are slightly edited and were originally generated at the WTO website.

Exports: 2009 US exports, US$1.06 trillion
Recipients: European Union, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan

Exports: 2009 Chinese exports, US$1.2 trillion
Recipients: European Union, US, Hong Kong (mostly reexported), Japan, South Korea

Imports: 2009 US imports, US$1.6 trillion
Suppliers: China, European Union, Canada, Mexico, Japan

Imports: 2009 Chinese imports, US$1 trillion
Suppliers: Japan, European Union, South Korea, Taiwan

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