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Lin, "How a strategic public relations campaign can enhance the reputation of China's financial public relations industry," 2007

USC thesis in Communications.
August 21, 2009

Yi-Ying Tiffany Lin, M.A

Abstract (Summary)

With the rapidly growing capital market in China, the Chinese financial public relations industry, which specializes in communicating with businesses, investors and the media, will increase explosively in the next several years. With China still deeply rooted in "guanxi culture" and the presence of ambiguously defined rules and regulations, development of the public relations industry faces numerous obstacles.

This thesis examines the overall public relations situation in China, particularly in the financial field, and explores the economic, political, and international relationships that influence it. After analyzing current public relations, a financial public relations campaign that blends the pubic relations practices of the West with Chinese cultural factors is proposed. This campaign aims to enhance the overall reputation of the Chinese financial public relations industry by promoting a more positive image and increasing its use within a guanxi culture that embraces public relations practices to accommodate future economic activity in China.

Advisor: Floto, Jennifer