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U.S.-China Institute Student Worker Position

Organization Name: 
USC U.S.-China Institute
Vicki Higgins, USC U.S.-China Institute Program Manager

Are you a dynamic and motivated USC student ready to make a real impact during the 2024 Academic Year? Join us in supporting the groundbreaking NCTA Teacher Training program and play a key role in shaping the future of education! Open to all current USC students. Apply through ConnectSC ID: 381496.

Why You'll Love This Role: 

  1. Innovative Marketing in the Education Sector: Collaborate on digital marketing strategies to expand the program's reach, engaging K-12 educators in novel and compelling ways.
  2. Data-Driven Learning: Gain hands-on experience managing participant data, honing your skills in data compilation and analysis.
  3. Shaping the Narrative: Craft engaging program descriptions for upcoming events, seminars, and discussions, inspiring educators to explore East Asian topics deeply.
  4. Digital Impact: Contribute to website updates, sharing the latest East Asia-related news, programs, and educational resources.
  5. Promoting Cultural Understanding: Assist K-12 educators in enhancing their curriculum with fascinating insights into East Asia. Make a difference by spreading knowledge and awareness about this diverse region.


Qualifications That Make You Shine: 

  1. Exceptional Writing Skills: Proficient in crafting written and marketing text for educational audiences, with a keen eye for proofreading and copyediting to deliver polished content.
  2. Tech-Savviness: Familiarity with email marketing tools, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
  3. East Meets West: Embrace your knowledge about East Asia (languages or cultures) from novice to expert – all levels are welcome! 
  4. Diverse Backgrounds: Whether you're majoring in Education, Teaching, East Asian Studies, Communications, or Journalism, your perspective enriches our team. 


Why You'll Thrive: 

  1. Community Connections: Collaborate with educators' groups and build networks that expand horizons both on and off campus. 
  2. Constant Growth: Embrace new challenges with enthusiasm, fueling your personal and professional development. 
  3. Ideas Welcome: Your fresh perspectives and innovative ideas will shape the future of our initiatives.