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Life Editor

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We are looking for a talented and passionate individual to lead RADII’s Life section. The Life Editor will write or edit all of the content that is published in this section, shaping its long-term editorial strategy and maintaining its day-today publication schedule. This is a full-time position with commensurate pay. 
About the section: Life is one of RADII’s three core verticals, along with Culture and Innovation. The main purpose of the section is to explore Chinese concepts of wellness and wellbeing that are misunderstood or misrepresented in the West: specifically, the vast body of theories and practices lumped together under the term Traditional Chinese Medicine. A second purpose of the section is to look at how Western ideas about health, fitness and wellbeing are being imported into China, whether that be through diet, exercise or sport. To a lesser extent, the Life section also explores food, drink, and overall lifestyle as these topics relate to health and wellness in today’s China.
How are traditional Chinese ideas about health being modernized and exported around the world today? How are young Chinese blending ideas from Eastern and Western health practices? What can modern Western science learn from traditional Chinese medicine, and vice versa? These are the stories we want you to tell.
Life Editor duties include:
  • Write or edit 3-5 Life articles per week
  • Recruit contributors for Life section + edit and publish their contributions
  • Plan Life content on a weekly and monthly basis, coordinating with the Editor in Chief and Associate Editor to fit this plan into Radii’s overall publication schedule
  • Participate in weekly editorial call
Candidate should be based in Beijing or Shanghai and have at least one year of editorial experience at a comparable publication. Should be intimately familiar with at least one of the following fields (the more the better): TCM, herbology, acupuncture/acupressure, meditation, qigong, moxibustion, meridians, taichi, kung fu. Chinese language skills a huge plus.
Most importantly, the candidate should have a strong desire to carry out RADII’s mission of creating new bridges of cultural understanding via original, incisive, and youthful reporting on today’s China.
Salary for the Life Editor position is commensurate with experience. If you’re interested, email your CV, a few relevant writing clips (or examples of pieces you’ve edited), and a short cover letter to
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About RADII:
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