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David Zweig – China’s Energy Challenges: The Views of University Students

David Zweig spoke at the USC U.S.-China Institute conference on “The Future of U.S.-China Relations.” His presentation was entitled “Energy Challenges: The Views of Chinese University Students.”

March 27, 2007

This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

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David Zweig is a member of the University of Southern California's U.S.-China Institute’s Board of Scholars. Dr. Zweig is Associate Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he also directs the Center on China’s Transnational Relations. He is the author of four books, including, most recently, Internationalizing China: Domestic Interests and Global Linkages (Cornell University Press, 2002) and is editor of the forthcoming volume Globalization and China’s Reforms (Routledge, 2007). He is also co-author of "China's Global Search for Oil," an article which appeared in the September/October 2005 issue of Foreign Affairs.

Click here for a review of his book, Internationalizing China: Domestic Interests and Global Linkages.

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