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Documents - Contemporary Taiwan

Chinese Government White Paper on “China’s Policy on ‘Three Direct Link’ Across the Taiwan Straits,” 2003

December 1, 2003

China has spared no effort in forging direct links in mail, transport and trade (referred to as the "three direct links," or "three links") across the Straits. In November 1987, the Taiwan authorities made the decision to permit Taiwan compatriots to visit their relatives on the mainland. However, the "three links" remains as an indirect, one-way and partial state due to restrictions and obstructions imposed by the Taiwan authorities.

Republic Of China (Taiwan), National Defense Report, 2000

August 1, 2000

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) publishes reports on “what it has done, what it is doing, what it prepares to do, why it is going to do so” to the people in accordance with Article 30 of the National Defense Act. The National Defense Report is published to give citizens a better understanding of the nation’s current security environment and national defense policy. 

Chen Shui-bian, “Taiwan Stands Up: Presidential Inauguration Address,” May 20, 2000

May 20, 2000

The following is an English translation of the inauguration speech by ROC President Chen Shui-bian, 05/20/2000.

Additional Articles to the Constitution of the Republic of China Sixth Revision April 24, 2000

April 24, 2000

Articles One through Eleven were adopted by the fifth session of the Third National Assembly on 24 April 2000 in a Sixth Revision of the Constitution, and promulgated by the president on 25 April 2000. These Articles replaced the Eleven Additional Articles adopted in the 1997 Fourth Revision, which had remained in effect after the Council of Grand Justices declared the articles adopted by the Fifth Revision of 1999 void.

Concerning the Participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization (WHO) 1999

December 7, 1999

H.R. 1794 became Public Law 106-137 on 7 December 1999.

Democratic Progressive Party White Paper on China Policy for the 21st Century 1999

November 30, 1999

The Republic of China's (Taiwan's) Democratic Progressive Party's white paper on China Policy from 1999.

Democratic Progressive Party Year 2000 Policy Manifesto Abstract November 24, 1999

November 24, 1999

The abstract from the November 24, 1999 Democratic Party Policy Manifesto

Official Proposal for the U.N. General Assembly to Study R.O.C. Participation in the United Nations 1999

August 11, 1999

The U.N.'s proposal to study the Republic of China's (Taiwan's) participation in the United Nations, August 11, 1999

Report of the Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations 1993

August 1, 1993

Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines Statement to UNWGIP from August 1993