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What happens in the wombs under the dome? Air pollution in China and fetal development and birth outcomes

University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China hosts a discussion with Zhao Qingguo on the impact of air pollution on fetal development in China.

May 2, 2016 12:00pm

Qingguo Zhao is the Vice President of Guangdong Women and Children Hospital, in Guangdong Province, South China, and Professor in Guangzhou Medical University. His general research interest is in women's and children's health. He pioneered the epidemiological study of air pollution and women’s and children’s health in China, with a focus on the impact of air pollution and meteorological factors on reproductive health and pregnancy outcomes using birth certificate data. He has led a few large-scale multi-center data collection efforts in South China. He led in the construction of the Guangdong Province Women and Children Hospitals’ communication network system, which is also pioneering in China and which facilitates efficient sharing of information and data resources within the system, as well as cost-effective quality control. He has published in both Chinese and English, including in Environmental Health, BMC Public Health, BMC Pediatrics, etc., and has won research support from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Fund, China CDC, and the United Nations Population Fund. Dr. Zhao's work has focused on the following themes: 1) assessing impact of outdoor air pollution and meteorological factors on health of pregnant women and children in South China; 2) organizing prevention and control work related to Thalassemia; 3) prevention of severe obstetric complications in Guangdong Province; and 4) reproductive health of migrants.

Please note: Talk will be in Chinese with interpretation provided. Slides will be in English.

Co-sponsors: Population Studies Center and Center for the Study of Contemporary China

Support: Penn China Research Engagement Fund (Penn-CREF)