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The U.S., Asia and the Problem of Xi Jinping's China

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies presents a talk by Robert Sutter.

September 24, 2015 12:30pm to 1:45pm

Robert Sutter, Professor of Practice of International Affairs, GW

Now in his third year in power, Chinese President Xi Jinping continues often bold and assertive maneuvers challenging U.S. leadership in Asia, yet the American position in the region improves and notably fits better with regional dynamics than Xi’s assertiveness. Sutter’s recent book fully assesses American strengths and weaknesses and duly examines the problems posed by China’s recent challenges. He acknowledges that some see a power shift underway in Asia with a rising China and declining America, but the evidence shows extraordinary American influence and power built over many years that can and should be used to curb the negative consequences of Xi’s often disruptive assertiveness.

Sponsored by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies


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