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Upgrading China's Farm Equipment: How Does U.S. Ag Machinery Fit in?

A webinar on the modernization of China's Farm Equipment.

September 25, 2009 12:00am

Time: 6:00 pm ET

This internet briefing will focus on the Northeast region of China and provide an excellent overview of current and projected demand for US agriculture machinery based on current crop production, recent policy shifts, and incentives for mechanization.  All you need is a phone and internet connection! 

Agriculture Attache, Foreign Agricultural Service, US Consulate - Shenyang
Jim Butterworth
~ Development of China's agriculture industry and the importance of the northeast region

Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Consulate - Sheyang
Liu Yang, bio3
~ The Ministry of Agriculture's macro layout
~ Current mechanization levels and anticipated growth
~ Government agriculture machinery subsidies and its implications
~ Market entry strategies and on-the-ground assistance for US exporters

CASE/New Holland
Ma Li, Managing Director, Shenyang
~ CNA's market entry approach and how their operations have developed since
~ Impact of the Chinese government's policies and subsidies on their operations
~ Challenges of operating/selling U.S. machineries in China
~ Perspective on the future of U.S. ag machineries in China

Information & Registration

Kellie Holloway
Commercial Officer
U.S. Export Assistance Center
Portland, OR