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UNPRECEDENTED: Southern California Firms Invited to “Import Expo” in China with Favored Sister City Introductions

Free Info Session, downtown Long Beach

August 20, 2019 5:00pm to 7:00pm
“Trade war.” “Billions of dollars in tariffs.” Charges of flip-flopping and badfaith negotiations. Those are the headlines in both the U.S. and China for the past two years. But behind the scenes, there's an unprecedented embrace from a Chinese sister city to its American counterpart—Qingdao (“Ching-dao”) to Long Beach, Calif. Learn how to join an invited trade delegation at this free information program.
The Chinese city has asked Long Beach to send local businesses for an Import Expo Oct. 17-20. There, they'll receive red-carpet treatment, free booths, matchmaking services and other incentives to sell their goods and services in China.
“I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw their email,” said Mary E. Barton, Ph.D., president of the sister city group; “an invitation to bring a trade delegation to our Chinese sister city in October? But there it was—full of promises and a vision of doing business together.” There is high demand for U.S. medical devices, educational programs, environmental technology products, green building devices, food, high-end branded consumer products, smart city systems (for transport, water, health care, etc.), and more. Still, an introduction is the surest way to a successful business deal in China, so arriving with an invited delegation gives business people a firm edge in their marketplace.
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