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Toward a Tripartite Labor Relations System with Chinese Characteristics

Qiao Jian, Director of the Department of Employment Relations at UCLA, will give a talk on labor relations in China.

February 7, 2011 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Qiao Jian, Director of the Department of Employment Relations, is an associate professor in China Institute of Industrial Relations. With the master's degree in history, Qiao Jian serves as an executive director of the China Association for Labor Studies, a member of the Academic Committee; executive director of China Association of Human Resource Development, deputy director of Academic Committee; visiting research fellow of the department of Institute of Employment Relations, Renmin University of China, deputy chief editor of "Labor Relations". He is mainly engaged in research and teaching of labor relations and unions.

He published “China's Trade Unions - How Autonomous Are They?”(Routledge, 2009), "Report of China's Labor Relations", "Comparative Study on Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration", "WTO: Protection of Labor Rights", "Labor Relations and Labor Policy in Globalization Era", "Introduction to Trade Union Work in Foreign-invested Enterprises" and so on.

He is also the columnist of labor relations and workers situation in “Analysis and Prediction China Social Situation”(Social Blue Book); is the main designer of the first undergraduate program of labor relations; one of the drafters of National Occupational Standards "Labor Relations Coordinator (Trial)."

This event is co-sponsored by the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, UCLA International Development Studies Program and the Anderson School Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

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