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Taiwan's Presidential Election: What Happened and What Does It Mean?

Join us at this symposium examining this important election. USCI scholars and students just back from Taiwan will discuss what the election reveals about Taiwan and what it means for cross-strait relations and for the US.

March 26, 2008 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Moderator: Clayton Dube – Associate Director, U.S. – China Institute
Mr. Dube will focus on overall trends and implications for cross-strait relations and for the US. 

Thomas Gold – Professor, UC Berkeley Department of Sociology
Professor Gold direct’s Berkeley’s China Initiative. He’s written extensively on Taiwan and has observed elections there for two decades. 
Daniel Lynch – Professor, School of International Relations
Professor Lynch has written extensively on Taiwan's democratization and will look at the impact of the legislative election (which went overwhelmingly for the KMT) and the presidential election on the Taiwan identity movement.

He is currently researching how Chinese intellectual and political elites are 'mapping the future.' Professor Lynch wants to understand the subtle nuances in debates about managing China's rise and the sociological and political problems faced. He will also assess regional reactions to the Chinese discourse in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia. 

Stanley Rosen – Professor, Department of Political Science; Director, East Asian Studies Center
Professor Rosen has been observing Taiwan elections for 16 years and has focused on the messages the parties have sought to get out to different audiences and the methods they've used. 

He is a specialist on Politics in the People's Republic of China, Asian Politics, Comparative Politics, Politics and Social Change, and Chinese Film. Since 1998 Professor Rosen has served as the faculty master of New Residential College, and has been honored with teaching awards from Pi Sigma Alpha, Mortar Board, the International Student Assembly, and the Department's 1998-99 Award for Outstanding Classroom Teaching and Dedication to Students. Dr. Rosen joined the USC faculty in 1979.

Wu Jieh-min - Researcher, National Tsing Hua University
2007-2008 Fullbright Scholar will speak on the blue-green divide in Taiwan society.

Meg Young - Graduate student in Public Diplomacy at USC
In 2007, Meg completed an internship with the Taiwan Government Information Office. Previously, she spent a year teaching English in Keelung, Taiwan and has served as research assistant for an upcoming book by Dr. Jonathan Aronson, Dr. Peter Cowhey and Dr. Jonathan Richards on global telecommunications and ICT. 

Pauline Yang – A native of East Brunswick, New Jersey, Pauline is currently a junior at USC where she is pursuing a double major in political science and classical piano performance. Recently elected as the new VP of Communications for the National Women's Political Caucus' Los Angeles Metro Executive Board, she has also interned with Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ 12th) at Capitol Hill and with Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in New York. As a concert pianist, she has performed across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and is currently an Ambassador of Peace for Music in Me, a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands which works with UNESCO to bring music to children in the Middle East.

Damon Ferrara - majoring in international relations and East Asian languages and cultures. He has studied in Nanjing and Taipei and is a staff writer for USCI's US-China Today.

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Getting from Parking to the Venue

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