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Taiwan's Mainland China Policies and Current Cross-Strait Relations

Deputy Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council, Chien-min Chao, presents a talk on cross-Strait relations between Taiwan and mainland China.

May 28, 2009 2:00pm

Dominating Taiwan’s foreign policy is the continuing issue of relations with mainland China.  Chien-min Chao, Deputy Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council, presents an overview of cross-Straits relations and the major events that have shaped policy decisions, as well as an assessment of current strategic thinking.  Prior to his government service, Dr. Chao was a Professor at Sun Yat-sen Graduate Institute for Development Studies at National Chengchi University for twenty-five years.  Together with over 100 articles in academic journals, his publications include eight authored and edited volumes, among them Lee Teng-hui’s Legacy: Democratic Consolidation and Foreign Relations (2002); Rethinking the Chinese State: Strategies, Society, and Security (2001); The ROC on the Threshold of the 21st Century: A Paradigm Reexamined (1999); and Cross-strait Relations and Taiwan's Foreign Policies (2000).

Introduced by Lowell Dittmer, Political Science, UC Berkeley.


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