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Taiwan to the World: Spirit Talk & Super Pigs

Two films will be screened.

March 25, 2010 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Spirit Talk
Death is a subject that has produced fear and obsession throughout history, transcending all cultural and social boundaries. Director Charlene Shih's best friend, Georgia, lost her 30-year-old husband a year ago from a brain aneurysm. Left alone with her 10-month-old baby, she is determined to find a way to communicate with her husband Jerry one last time. Charlene documents this extraordinary search on film and meets Paul, a terminally-ill cancer patient who is facing his own death.

Super Pigs
They are cute, smart, have sharp memories and a keen sense of smell. Not only are they destined for the dinner table, but in Taiwan, they also contribute much to mankind. They are today's Super Pigs, with powers to advance science and keep us looking beautiful and young. This film takes you behind the scenes of the fascinating world of today’s super pigs and the science behind them.

Co-Hosted with the Elliott School of International Relations at George Washington University.

Members $5; non-members $10